Andrew Calhoun!!!?!!! A Very Great Man of Song Indeed!

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Greene's Corner , 2208 James Street, Bellingham

“Andrew Calhoun is a powerful songsmith, a quiet and sly performer, and fine traditional singer as well... fascinating and unpredictable.” — Phil Shapiro, Bound for Glory

“He’s blessed with crystalline fingerpicking, a resonant baritone, and a writer’s ear.” —The Oregonian

“A true voice of poetry and lore.” —Jon Hogan

Andrew Calhoun's innovative music is rooted in tradition. In over forty years as a performer he has cultivated a prismatic repertoire including original songs, Irish and American folk songs, Anglo-Scottish ballads, folk spirituals, and poems and songs by writers such as Dave Carter, Mary Oliver and Robert Burns. “You can’t understand folk music without studying history, and vice versa,” Calhoun says.

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