To support the kind of quality programming I'm bringing into the Bellingham region, a recording project, or anything at all relating to these endevors, please explore the links below. 

I've chosen the life of a full time musician and show maker. It's local, it's regional, and it's a reality that even very renown musicians and artists struggle in this country, and in other places too.  If I didn't receive the monthly support I do on Fractured Atlas and Patreon, I'd literally not be able to continue to grow and develop my own playing and producing chops - let alone composing! 

And likewise if I didn't feel so valued by my community and the great musicians I work with I'd not be able to stay with it.   

So there really is no way to adequately convey how much even your $5.00 or more a month pledge means in terms of just putting it all together week to week, month to month.   Whether its to help finance reliable transportation, essential gear, space, or utilities, please know it all makes a difference.  

A specific need or project based support can be a nice way to go, then you get to see the direct results of your contribution:


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