I play a lot of harmonica and perform on a professional level regularly.

My strength is playing on all kinds of folk songs, Irish, Celtic, and other traditional tunes, and I play a lot of blues and some jazz-blues. 

I also love to teach and coach beginners and am myself always the student.  

I play with Gallowglass Irish Band, Delta Promenade, The Tango Cowboys, Robert Sarazin Blake, Petunia (& The Vipers), Hambone Wilson, and many others.

I also sing and play octave mandolin, and some mandolin and piano/keyboards. 

I am a kind and patient teacher and easy to work with in any and all professional contexts. I generally charge $50/hr for teaching and $75-$300 for gigs, depending on all the things, and $100 per song recorded. Slided scale may be discussed for sure.  

Once I hear your material, I will be able to tell you if I am ready, willing, and wholly able to do a gig or record for you with or without rehearsal. Certain kinds of songs and shows I'm good on the fly.

I bring true musicianship and good ears to the table. 

Rehearsal is also possible depending on the gig/pay, etc.

A great old cowboy song, Don't Fence Me In. Click on photo to link, harp starts just after 1:25

Two Studio Tracks With Crooked Constellation: 

Life As A Stone by Andy Ingram & Crooked Constellation - I'm Playing a C Paddy Richter Hohner Crossover. Click Photo!

Big River by Andy Ingram & Crooked Constellation - Playing a Marine Band E. Click Photo!