I'll be with Gallowglass & Rosin & Reed at The Bellingham Celtic Festival - Check The Calendar! 

I'm humbly proud to be a recipient of the 2022 Mayor's Arts Award! Thank You Mayor Seth and Bellingham!

This Saturday June 5th I'll be sitting in with the very fine singer-songwriter Havilah Rand at Skylarks in Fairhaven, Bellingham.  The show is from 5-8PM, hope you'll join us! 

A message from the painter of the painting that inspired the song 'Tight Rope', Quint Buchholz: "Hello Jan, I saw your question on Facebook. I'm not a member there so I'm answering on this way. The title of the tightrope walker painting is "Giacomond". It's a fantasy word, combined from the name "Giacomo" (the name of a clown I was working with at that time) and the German word "Mond" (moon). A little boy named the image like that, when I was painting it many years ago. I am very honored that this painting inspired you. If you like, you could find more about my work here and here All the best Quint"

My Song 'Tight Rope' from the 2009 album 'These Waters' - Click On Painting!

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Rosin & Reed Duo Saturday May 15, 5-7PM

Kera & I will play Irish and other tunes at this Norwegian Festival because why not! 

St Pat's Live Stream w/ The Dublin Letters

W/ Robert Blake, David Lofgren, & Jan Peters

It's over 15 years now we've played St Pat's shows and on the day of at Boundary Bay Brewery.  Now in these times the second live FB broadcast show comes and here's the link!

Gallowglass Irish Band & Rosin & Reed Performed at The 2121 & 2022 Bellingham Celtic Festivals!

Click on Photo to 2021 Bellingham Irish Festival October 8, 9, 10

Believe Me If - A draft of my new version of a very old song - I hope you enjoy!

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Some Past Shows of Note:

Irish Masters Dylan Foley & John Whelan blew the roof off the stage on Monday August 27th at Irish & Folk Mondays!

Was a stunning night of music. They're back in Feb... check 'Shows' .... Click on photo to Hanz's site.

Irish Fiddle Master Dale Russ comes up from Seattle for the 5th time to play for us at Irish & Folk Mondays on June 18, 8pm, $5-10 Suggested, right after the open Irish session as always! I'll be joining Dale on a few sets and it's always such an immense pleasure and honor to play with him. Click on the photo for more about Dale!


Jan Songs / Jan Peters Music Is of Bellingham, Washington & Region

Providing entertainment and music of distinction for most any occasion.

I make shows happen with groups and artists I am very excited and passionate about presenting and working with. I'm very passionate about exposing more people to truly great music. 

I sing, play harmonicas, Irish bouzouki, acoustic guitar, and still get on the mandolin or piano at times. I enjoy arranging, composing, and recording.  I am a co-founder of Gallowglass Irish Band, Rosin & Reed, creator of Irish & Folk Mondays, and booker of superb folk, blues, and jazz shows in town. I love being a sideman with great artists every chance I get.


Recipient of the 2022 Mayor's Arts Award For Creating & Running The Irish & Folk Mondays Concert Series & Open Irish Session 2014-2020

"I could listen to Jan perform all day long!  He is incredibly aware of the collaboration between he and his fellow performers and contributes in ways that escalates the entire musical enjoyment for everyone. I've heard Jan play with a variety of instrumentalists and vocalists, and he keeps amazing me with his level of taste, sensitivity, and 'ensemble'.  His approach to each and every piece makes the audience perk up and his fellow performers shine. Can't wait for the next opportunity to hear Jan Peters!

Patricia Bourne, EdD 

Professor, Coordinator of Music Education, WWU Bellingham, WA

"My 10 year old daughter has taken folk music lessons with Jan. She has traditional classical training with piano and violin and was looking for something different to enhance her life. He has introduced her to a new genre of music that is fun and open to musical interpretation. Jan has inspired her creativity as well as learning to play the guitar!''

Michelle Hsu, Color Chiropractic, Bellingham, WA

Me after playing a show at The Conway Muse -Photo by Jasmine Jean

Playing with Pete Irving of Hot Damn Scandal at The Honeymoon - Photo by Thaddeus Hink

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