Every Monday I host an open Irish music from session from 6-8pm, followed by a concert that is always very good, fun, and often stunning.  The concerts feature artists that range from local and regional purveyors of fine acoustic traditional and trad-based folk music to national and internationally  luminaries of great renown.   

The session is a part of an ancient culture of oral tradition of learning and sharing within a cross-generational community context. 

Check my 'Shows' Calendar here and/or the venue's site to see who the feature of the week is.

The wintertime venue for Irish & Folk Mondays has been The Honeymoon Cider & Mead Bar, and we are growing into a new place for the 2018-19 fall/winter/early spring season! Greene's Corner will be our new home and soon I'll be posting the upcoming shows that will be happening there after the weekly open Irish session.  It was a great three years at the Honeymoon!  


November 2018 marks the beginning of year 5 of Irish & Folk Mondays! 

In the summertime we move back into the open air and fun of Boundary Bay Brewery's lovely beer garden:


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20 Minute Documentary On Mondays & Open The Door For Three: